Case Study: Professional Web Design + SEO

cs-website-makeoverCoLogiQ, a systems engineering company, asked me to redesign their website because everything about their old site screamed it was a do-it-yourself project, which it was. CoLogiQ works on high-visibility projects; their website needed to reflect their expertise and professionalism. In addition to the visual and coding web design makeover, the site was badly in need of professionally-written, easy-to-read SEO copy to replace the laundry lists of industry jargon and acronyms.


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Case Study: Direct Mail Flyer

flyer graphic design case study before and afterNovato-based SolarCraft periodically sends a direct mail flyer to pool owners in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties to advertise their solar pool heating service. Their old flyer looked generic — only on close inspection would a homeowner know the flyer was for a pool-related service. The company logo was buried in a sea of same-colored text, with no visual separation or clear branding.

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Case Study: Web Redesign + SEO

case study: web design makeoverSan Anselmo landscape architect Jim Catlin is professional, creative, and knowledgeable, with a portfolio of gorgeous designs. None of this was apparent in the visual assault of his old website. Every page had its own visually complex background that distracted from the photos of the beautiful landscapes. The photo gallery slideshows had multiple images dissolving into other images on the same page at the same time — a very disjointed, unsettling user experience that didn’t help to sell his services.

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Case Study: Web Makeover

cs-web-makeoverWhat started out as a simple coding tuneup turned into a bigger job. Smart, organized, and sophisticated, the owner of Positively Events created her own web design using Dreamweaver, but realized she needed help; some things just hadn’t turned out as she’d planned. She asked me to re-code the site so she could maintain it going forward. I suggested her site could benefit from some marketing tweaks while we were at it. The images on the home page were presented without context; the central image in particular didn’t suit the target market without explanation.

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Case Study: Web Redesign & SEO Tuneup

website redesign case studyMarin’s Crystal Clear Pools had a paid search engine listing, but wanted better organic (non-paid) search results. The owner chose to beef up the SEO copywriting and decided it was time to improve the look of the site at the same time. That was a good call on his part; the original site looked visually outdated, and under the hood it was the same story with the coding. The old site was built using tables, an old method that creates code-heavy, slow loading pages. Modern browsers favor the more nimble CSS coding.

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