Graphic & Web Design for Marin Businesses

Hilary Crawford with bike

Out of the Office

Most days you can contact me while I'm at my desk, with the cat in my lap and the dog at my feet. Weekends are another story. I'll be outdoors, enjoying Marin's scenery while running, mountain bike riding, hiking, or just puttering in my veggie garden.

About Renaissance Graphic Design

Renaissance Graphic Design is the business nom de plume (or should I say nom de mouse) for me, Hilary Crawford. I offer services in web design, print design, brand identity, and more for businesses in Marin and beyond. My approach to graphic design is to focus on your communication with your customers — identifying a message hierarchy and conveying it visually and in words.

Working Together

What can you expect when we work together?

Questions: I’ll ask you questions, the kind that provoke thought about what’s important to you and your customers.

Big picture plus details: I transition fluidly from small details such as punctuation and layout alignment to larger issues such as cost containment and branding consistency.

Demeanor: I hear it often, so it must be important — what clients say about me is how much they appreciate that I’m calm.

You own the work: I “work for hire,” a legal term that means you own the work I do for you. On subsequent projects you’re free to hire someone else to use the files I create, although happily for me, my clients come back for more.

Client Profile

Small to medium businesses need someone who can work on graphic design projects ranging from web design to brand identity. In addition to getting compelling graphics, they can count on me for advice on marketing, messaging hierarchy and SEO copywriting, cost containment, and other design related business topics.

Larger firms’ marketing and creative departments have fluctuations in workflow and need a backup for their in-house staff to smooth out workflow peaks. They benefit from using me because I’m a versatile and talented freelance graphic designer who can work within their operational framework and design standards.

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