Case Study: Web Makeover

cs-web-makeoverWhat started out as a simple coding tuneup turned into a bigger job. Smart, organized, and sophisticated, the owner of Positively Events created her own web design using Dreamweaver, but realized she needed help; some things just hadn’t turned out as she’d planned. She asked me to re-code the site so she could maintain it going forward. I suggested her site could benefit from some marketing tweaks while we were at it. The images on the home page were presented without context; the central image in particular didn’t suit the target market without explanation.

A section of the old website was devoted to images of events produced by Positively Events, but there was no narrative to support why a business would want to do something similar. The navigation from event to event was awkward. The glowing testimonials were each on their own page, which would try the patience of the average visitor. The new site is sleeker, better organized, has engaging text, and makes full use of the existing color palette with an attractive textured background. While search engine optimization wasn’t a primary focus — the owner has an extensive network of repeat customers — I suggested a “mini-SEO” approach so people could find her by her memorable name, not just her company name.

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