Graphic Design Process

graphic design process

Every design project — from web design to bridge building — goes through a similar process. The larger and more highly visible the project is, the more its process is formally recognized and treated.

Even the simplest projects go through phases, but often it’s so seamless you don’t have to think about it for me to design your website and upload it to the host’s server, design a flyer and send the files to the printer, or for me to design any other project you have in mind.

Here’s the graphic design process story:

Graphic Design Process: The Beginning

You get started on a project with me by sharing information about your company, the project’s purpose, who your intended audience is, etc. I partner with you during this planning phase to provoke — and help answer — questions such as how to organize your website’s content, how to market your website or how you’ll distribute your marketing collateral. I study your competition to learn your industry’s best practices and help make your brand stand out from the rest.

Are you familiar with the contractors’ axiom of measure twice, cut once? That’s what this beginning phase is all about — creating an understanding of your project.

Graphic Design Process: The Middle

I develop design concepts based on the criteria established in the beginning. I might explore variations in areas such as general look and feel and typography suitable for your brand identity; hierarchy of your messaging, or simply offer up alternative appealing options. You give me feedback — lather, rinse, repeat and we have an approved design. I slide into the production phase, which, depending on the project, might mean writing and tweaking HTML and CSS coding, submitting a sitemap to search engines, or outputting high resolution press-ready files.

Graphic Design Process: The End

I deliver digital files to you, a web host, or a printer. You’re delighted.

Graphic Design Process: The Epilogue

The project may involve additional care and feeding, such as training you how to use a content management system or reviewing press proofs.

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