Naming a Business

naming a businessWhat should you name your business? The answer depends on whose perspective you value.

A lawyer will say you need a name that’s defensible, that is, a name so unique no one else can use it; one you could defend in court. A brand strategist will say you need a name that is memorable and evocative, a name that suggests something or stirs emotions. A web registrar will say you should pick a business name to match when choosing a domain name. Some will advise for or against using your own name, either because it reflects who you are (the former) or because it’s theoretically more professional (the latter).

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Scan the list of Fortune 500 companies and you’ll see names that conform to all choices, from “The Walt Disney Company” to “Qwest Communications”.

To see if the name you want has already been used:

TESS (US trademark office site; Trademark Electronic Search System)

California Secretary of State

Delaware Department of State (lots of companies incorporate in Delaware)

InterNIC (domain name check)

For brainstorming guidance:

Advice from a brand marketing perspective

Random brand name generator

After you name your business, contact Renaissance Graphic Design for your logo, business card, and web design...