Print Design — Marketing Collateral & More

print designPrint design projects are used to support a company’s brand, to promote ideas, sell products, educate, direct foot traffic, etc.

Designing for Print Projects

My graphic design approach: When I design a print project I consider how the person looking at the piece will interact with it, how the piece will be used, and in what setting. Unlike web design where people are close to a screen, and the communication is one-to-one, there are vast differences from one project to another with print design. How large is the piece? Will people hold it in their hands? How many people will see it at the same time, and will some people block the view of others? How long will the piece hold their attention?

As a green graphic designer, I’m compelled to point out that many of the projects I place in the print category don’t have to be printed at all. I group them together because the techniques used to design a “non-printing print project” are the same whether they get printed or not. Examples of non-printing print projects include:

  • Business correspondence: (letters, invoices, etc.) can be composed on a template of the company’s letterhead and saved as a pdf or Word document and emailed.
  • Sell sheet: (you might also know it as a datasheet, spec sheet, or one sheet) or catalog available for download on a company’s website.
  • Instruction manual: or technical specs available for download on a company’s website.
  • Rebate form: available for download on a company’s website. Rather than include a rebate form with every product that gets sold, the only rebate forms to be printed will be from the customers who actually submit the form for a rebate.

Learn more about sustainable choices in greener printing, greener paper and ink choices, greener materials, etc.

Print Design Projects

Printed pieces — or the "non-printing" print projects I mentioned above — can be integral to your company's marketing and complementary to your website. Some examples include:

Business System: Business system graphic design includes projects such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. The business system is closely associated with a company’s brand identity. Once a company’s logo, colors, etc. are established, the business system is often the first place the logo is used.

Marketing Collateral: Marketing collateral graphic design includes projects such as flyers, sell sheets, brochures, catalogs, posters, etc. The emphasis on these pieces is selling a product or service, announcing an event, or promoting an idea.

Packaging & Related Components: Packaging graphic design includes the graphics on the container and/or the product itself, the structure of the package, inserts (e.g. instruction manuals, warranty information), labels, hang tags, stickers, etc.

Point of Purchase: Point of purchase graphic design projects are associated with retail sales — signs, banners, posters, etc. that call attention to products. I think of menu design as the restaurant version of a point of purchase project.

Signs & Wayfinding: Generally printed large format, signs, banners, and maps can be used to advertise or direct traffic.

Are you considering distributing marketing collateral as pdf documents? Or, no way around it, you need a tangible, physical printed piece? Either way, contact Renaissance Graphic Design about print design projects...