SEO Copywriting — The Importance of Good Text in a Website

seo copywriting typewriterBusinesses often overlook the importance of SEO copywriting for a website. If a picture says a thousand words, why bother with text? Who reads anyway? People read. Search engines “read”. Either reason alone is compelling enough. In combination, good copywriting is crucial.

Copywriting for Humans: Sure, your customers might be able to see at a glance by looking at images how talented you are, or what your inventory is, but that doesn’t give them a complete story. If you provide a service, how do you do it? Are you good at it? What’s it like to work with you? If you sell products, what is the customer’s shopping experience as compared to your competitors?

SEO Copywriting Importance: There are over 200 factors in search engine algorithms and one of the most important SEO factors is copy — good copy. Humans have the ability to synthesize both images and text, but search engines aren’t impressed by images.

Choosing Keywords for SEO Copywriting: Anticipate how users might find you. Text should include the words and phrases people will use when searching for you. Important words should appear close to the top of page (perhaps search engines mimic human behavior of impatience?).

Page by Page SEO Copywriting: Every page within a site should have a unique set of keywords for which it’s optimized — each page’s copy should be narrowly focused on those few topics.

SEO Keyword Research: Customers will use their own terminology, not your industry jargon. Research is important to identify which keywords are apt to perform best — which ones they use, and which ones they use most often. Research can also reveal keywords your competitors aren’t using.

Strategic Identification: Keywords should relate to marketing strategy. What product or service do you offer? Where is it being offered? Who is in the target market? What are the features and benefits?

All other factors being equal, a site with good SEO copywriting will rank higher in search engine results than one with poor copy. What’s good SEO copywriting? Copy that’s informative and easy to read by humans also happens to work best for search engines. Focus on your human audience and the search engines will follow.

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